Ham Dashboard


Ham Dashboard is designed to be useful to Radio Amateurs whilst on the move or away from home. This initial release shows a searchable list of nearby repeaters in these countries and regions, along with details of input and output frequencies, a map, and a handy bearing arrow for each repeater.

Ham Dashboard also includes basic a basic APRS-IS tracker, which can send position reports whenever the application is running in the foreground. For more details take a look at Ham Tracker, which can run in the background too!


Opening page.

From here you can choose to see a list of nearby repeaters, change the settings, or press the info button to see credits and copyright information.


Showing all known repeaters ordered by distance with the nearest listed first.

You can also choose to see just the repeaters from a particular source, such as ukrepeater.net or IRTS.


Enter all or part of a callsign, location, frequency, tone, etc. to narrow down the list of repeaters in the list.

Enter "echolink" or "irlp" to see repeaters that are accessible over the 'Net.


After selecting a repeater you'll see this page, with details about the selected repeater.

The first tab shows frequencies, tones, location, etc., and has links to show the location in the Maps application or lookup the repeater-keeper on QRZ.com.


The second tab show a map, scaled to include your current location and the location of the selected repeater.


The third tab shows the distance and bearing from your current location to the selected repeater.

If your device has a built-in compass then your current heading will be shown, along with an arrow that points towards the repeater.


If you select the map button from the main repeater list you'll see this map which is centred on your current location and scaled to show nearby repeaters.


The settings page, where you can change the units and GPS accuracy. Lower accuracy should consume less power.

If the repeater data appears to be corrupted (which should NOT happen!) you can also reset to a default list from here.


If you select the current location option from the front page you'll see your current location in decimal degrees, the current location accuracy, and your current Maidenhead Locator or "square".